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Society Groups: Refugee Lawyers and Deterrent Effect

society groups: The prevalence of detention has risen and the conditions of detention are poor and now we see something really quite horrific, which is the tearing away of children from their mothers when they arrive as a deterrent effect, Silcoff said, according to Vancouver Courier. Human Rights Watch has reported that more than 600 children, including infants and toddlers, have been separated from their parents while trying to cross the border illegally into the United States. Maureen Silcoff, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, says her organization and other civil society groups were dismayed to hear Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen talk about wanting to work collaboratively with the U.S. government on dealing with the influx of illegal border crossers arriving in Canada from the U.S.article continues below Trending Stories Car Free Day costing organizers overwhelming fees for security Hector Bremner says his new party will launch at the end of the month These are the top five brands B.C. loves Renaming of Emily Carr painting stirs debate She pointed to recent revelations about how the U.S. has been dealing with some of its illegal border crossers steps that sometimes include separating children from parents who are detained in custody. Their parents were arrested and sent to detention centres. Following the meeting, the two reaffirmed a commitment to work together on border security issues related to asylum seekers. Hussen travelled to Washington on Monday to meet Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for high-level talks about the continuing surge in asylum seekers. ( As reported in the news.