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Safety Critic: Scheer and Safety Crisis

safety critic: Scheer says he went to the site to witness first-hand the epicentre of the crisis at our borders, according to CTV. In his letter, Scheer says he also met this week with other immigrants and refugees who say friends and family who've applied to enter Canada through the regular channels are now waiting longer for their files to be processed due to those jumping the line illegally. Last week, Scheer and his Public Safety critic, Pierre Paul-Hus, visited Que., where the vast majority of irregular migrants have arrived this year after crossing the Canada-U.S. border through the now well-worn path at Roxham Road. He calls on Trudeau to table a plan to immediately stop what he calls the queue-jumping and public safety crisis at our borders. A copy of the letter was provided to The Canadian Press. Canadians are concerned, both about the safety issues this crisis has caused and with the unreasonable delays for those seeking to move to Canada who have followed the rules and now must wait longer, he wrote to Trudeau on Friday. ( As reported in the news.