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Marijuana Plants: Trudeau Bill and Suggestion Wednesday

marijuana plants: Her reference to Mexicans came as she was arguing that legalization will actually be a boon for the illicit black market in cannabis - contrary to the government's contention that it will displace organized crime, according to CTV. She said legal pot will be more expensive than the going price of 7 per gram on the black market. Sarnia, Ont., MP Marilyn Gladu made the suggestion Wednesday during debate on the Trudeau government's bill to legalize recreational marijuana. And she slammed the government for allowing individuals to grow up to four marijuana plants per dwelling, arguing that organized crime has increased in Colorado because it allows home-grown weed. Then Gladu added By the way, the government also eliminated the visa requirements for people coming in from Mexico, so lots of experienced people could just move in and take over the whole thing. We can see how profitable organized crime has been there, she told the House of Commons. ( As reported in the news.