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Quebec City: Montreal Offices

quebec city: He was released with a promise to appear in court in Montreal on August 16 to face charges of breaking and entering, mischief, criminal harassment, and intimidation, according to CTV. Montreal police said seven other people will likely be arrested in connection with the case. Police in Quebec City executed the warrant and arrested Raphael Levesque, 34, the head of the anti-immigrant group Atalante Quebec on Monday. On May 23, Levesque and several other people entered the Montreal offices of Vice Media while pretending to deliver flowers. At the time Montreal police said they were not investigating because nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt however Premier Philippe Couillard, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said the next day that the incursion was an attack on freedom of of the press. Once inside they threw leaflets around the office and handed a mocking trophy to a journalist, Simon Coutu, who had written articles about Atalante's failed attempts to win support for their far-right cause in Montreal. ( As reported in the news.