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Protesters March: Nursing Infant and Detention Centres

protesters march: Protesters march against the separation of migrant children from their families on Monday in Los Angeles, according to Toronto Star. Mario Tama / Getty Images Here is a selection of their responses, ranging across the country and many denominations. Many said they typically avoid politics in their preaching, but this week they felt compelled to speak out. Pastor Robert Franek preached at Faith Lutheran Church, a mainline Protestant church in Galesburg, Ill In just six weeks from mid-April through May, some 2,000 children have been separated from their parents and placed in detention centres. Asylum seeking is not a crime. . . . This barbaric practice of taking a nursing infant out of her mother's embrace should alarm us all. This immoral and unconscionable policy is being justified by a twisting of scripture by those who know neither the biblical imperative to treat the foreigner with compassion and love nor the Constitution that protects the basic human rights of all people. ( As reported in the news.