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Mexico City: Mexico and American Neighbours

mexico city: He wants the wall and maybe he will grant NAFTA, Fox said in an interview from Mexico City. ; The outspoken ex-politician has nothing good to say about the U.S. president, whom he describes as ignorant, bigoted and dangerous, according to National Observer. Fox said Trump's racist comments about Mexicans being rapists and criminals and complaints about illegal immigration belie the fact that NAFTA has done its job in stemming the flow of people crossing the border. In the case of Mexico, the blackmail is the wall. Canada and Mexico have to remain firmly united rather than give in to Trump's demands for bilateral agreements with its two North American neighbours, he said. So whatever formula, whether bilateral or trilateral or whatever other formula, it will never work if he insists that the United States has to have a surplus and we have to have a deficit. I don't see the advantage of going bilateral, he said, adding that trade for Trump is a zero-sum game, in which he wins and others lose. ( As reported in the news.