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German Chancellor: Migration System and European Security

german chancellor: The German chancellor is fighting a battle at home and abroad against critics who accuse her of endangering European security with her welcoming approach to migrants, according to Vancouver Courier. Merkel's conservative bloc is under pressure from the far-right Alternative for Germany party that has received a surge in support since 2015, and populist leaders in southern and eastern Europe have rejected her calls a wholesale reform of Europe's migration system. Speaking to Parliament before heading to a European Union summit in Brussels, she described the move to lawmakers as an exceptional gesture to help relieve pressure on nearby Austria and Hungary, whose leaders had personally appealed for assistance as migrants streamed into their countries.article continues below Trending Stories No hormones, no plastic straws and now no meat A&W goes beyond' burgers Owners of fire-damaged Shaughnessy home facing charges under city's heritage bylaw Point Grey condo owners can't stop the music Cadillac Fairview sells half its Vancouver portfolio, which includes Pacific Centre We said in an exceptional situation we will help and now, as then, I think it was the right decision, Merkel said. Internal strife within her coalition has become so acrimonious that could bring down her government, but Merkel told parliament the implications were even broader. Faced with the likelihood that the EU's 28 members won't be able to agree unanimously on an approach, Merkel said she would seek a coalition of the willing to agree on pressing measures to tackle illegal migration until a pan-European solution could be found. Europe has many challenges, but that of migration could determine the fate of the European Union, she said. ( As reported in the news.