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Mexican State: Gregory Bull and Asylum System

mexican state: Maria Rafaela Blancante, of the Mexican state of Michoacan, holds her daughter, Jazmin, on Wednesday as they wait with other families to request political asylum in the United States, across the border in Tijuana, Mexico, according to Toronto Star. The family has waited for two weeks in this Mexican border city, hoping for a chance to escape widespread violence in their home state. To him, it's better to take his chances with the U.S. asylum system and stay in Mexico if his bid is denied. Gregory Bull / The Associated Press Imagine what would happen if I was deported to El Salvador, he said Wednesday as he waited at the border to enter the United States. The Associated Press interviewed several asylum-seekers this past week at a plaza on the border, and each of them cited gang violence as the main factor in fleeing their homelands. The directive announced Monday could have far-reaching consequences because of the sheer volume of people such as Aparicio fleeing gang violence, which is so pervasive in Central America that merely stepping foot in the wrong neighbourhood can lead to death. ( As reported in the news.