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Mediterranean Sea: Matteo Salvini and Salvatore Cavalli

mediterranean sea: In Italy, the mayor of Palermo offered to open his city's port, as did mayors in Naples, Messina and Reggio Calabria, according to Toronto Star. However, Matteo Salvini, a leader within the far-right League party and the country's interior minister, said all of Italy's ports would remain closed to the Aquarius. The ship, carrying hundreds of mostly North African migrants, had been turned away by Italian and Maltese authorities. Migrants are transferred from the Aquarius ship to an Italian Coast Guard boat in the Mediterranean Sea on June 12. Berversluis with Doctors Without Borders, who was on the boat said, To me of course, Europe needs to have a system that accepts asylum-seekers. Salvatore Cavalli / The Associated Press Speaking to NPR, Dr. ( As reported in the news.