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Immigrant Children: Bishops Conference

immigrant children: I am behind what the bishops say, the pope said, referring to the leadership of the U.S. bishops conference denouncing the separations as immoral, according to CTV. On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump reversed a policy of separating immigrant children from their parents after being detained entering the United States without permission. Speaking to reporters on his airplane as he flew back to Rome after a visit to Geneva, Francis also reiterated that he supports the Roman Catholic bishops in the United States who condemned the immigration policy of separating children from parents who enter the U.S. illegally. Francis was asked both about the separation policy as well as Europe's struggle with a flood of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean from human traffickers' boats. He praised both Italy and Greece for being most generous in taking in migrants rescued at sea, and said all governments should take in as many refugees as their countries can handle. Italy's new populist government is trying to discourage more arrivals of rescued migrants. ( As reported in the news.