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Customs Enforcement: Immigrant Families and Cases Hundreds

customs enforcement: A day earlier, the Pentagon said it was drawing up plans to house as many as 20,000 migrants on U.S. military bases, according to Toronto Star. A migrant mother walks with her two daughters and their belongings on their way to the port of entry to ask for asylum in the U.S. on Thursday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement posted a notice saying it is looking into creating 15,000 beds for use in detaining immigrant families. The mother, who did not wish to give their names, said they were fleeing their hometown near the Pacific coast of Mexico after suffering a violent carjacking of her taxicab. Some parents struggled to get in touch with children being held in many cases hundreds of miles away, in places like New York and the Chicago area. Mario Tama / GETTY IMAGES Beyond that, however, there were few signs of any relief for parents separated from their children and placed in detention centres for illegally entering the country over the past several weeks. ( As reported in the news.