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Executive Order: Zero-Tolerance Policy and Immigration Policy

executive order: He'd remained largely silent on the issue, saying only that he did not want to play politics on immigration policy, according to CTV. On Wednesday, however, his position shifted, just hours before Trump appeared to capitulate to political pressure by reversing course with an executive order. Trudeau had been under pressure to condemn the so-called zero-tolerance policy, under which asylum seekers who cross illegally into the U.S. are charged with federal crimes and separated from their children, who are detained in guarded, fenced enclosures. What the Americans are doing is unacceptable -- and it's not just me who has said it; all kinds of Americans, including Republicans, have said this is unacceptable, Trudeau told a news conference marking the end of the spring legislative sitting. We hope they'll improve the system, but as far as we're concerned this situation cannot last. We take actions based on facts, not on fears or worries.... It seems they want to change their approach. ( As reported in the news.