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Clarke and Home Country

girl: These cases are heartbreaking, said Clarke, according to CTV. I recently had a two-year-old girl in my own office, screaming for her mother and the United States deported her mother back to Ghana. Alastair Clarke said one of the children recently held in detention in the U.S. is now in Winnipeg with her father, but Clarke said the girl's mother has been separated from them and is now in hiding in their home country. She's been separated, she doesn't understand what's going on, said Clarke referring to the two-year-old girl. They're not legally married which was part of the problem. So now her father, he is basically acting as a single father with her in Canada, is trying to number one make his case for refugee status, number two take care of this young child and number three he is separated from the mother of the child. ( As reported in the news.