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Visa Requirements: Immigration Streams and Instagram Ads

visa requirements: The biggest spender was Destination Canada, which expensed more than 9.2 million for promoting tourism in Canada to Facebook users during the designated time frame, according to National Observer. The Immigration Department, meanwhile, spent more than 2 million on campaigns, including some international ads promoting visa requirements and economic immigration streams. From Jan. 1, 2016 to March 2018, federal government departments and agencies spent more than 24.4 million on Facebook and Instagram ads, promotions and sponsored posts and videos. ; The data, tabled earlier this month in the House of Commons, includes a breakdown of spending by each government department and agency, showcasing a growing government reliance on Facebook for promoting events and publicizing key government messages and policy initiatives. It also spent 47,497 domestically to provide information about the Syrian refugee program in response to the outpouring of support and interest in how to get involved from Canadians, the department stated. Digital media represented 54.7 per cent of all advertising expenditures last year, with social media representing 23.3 per cent. In 2016-17 the federal procurement department reported that government spending on digital advertising surpassed television for the first time ever. ( As reported in the news.