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Aguirre: Immigrant Experience and Augusto Pinochet

aguirre: On Sunday, May 27, Aguirre will detail her experiences at Pier 21 Reads, where she will read excerpts from her national bestseller, Something Fierce Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter, according to The Chronicle Herald. Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1967, Aguirre and her family never expected to leave a country they loved. As a political refugee, Aguirre and her family fled to Canada following the 1973 coup that overthrew Salvador Allende, and started Augusto Pinochet's decades long reign of terror. The coup had happened in Chile and we had to flee . It was not an immigrant experience; it was a refugee experience. We didn't choose to come here and reinvent ourselves, which is the immigrant experience, she explains. We didn't choose to leave. ( As reported in the news.