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Video: Ndp Mla and Tuesday Night

video: This time at Denny's in Lethbridge, Alta, according to Toronto Star. And worse, a response that appears to justify the racism, this one from an NDP MLA. The targets of hate say they were also asked to leave the restaurant. Another overtly racist incident, another restaurant, another video. In a video posted late Tuesday night to Facebook by Calgary resident Monir Omerzai, and which has already been viewed more than 100,000 times, a white woman is seen turning in her seat in her booth, unleashing an abusive tirade at what appear to be four men in a conversation that gets increasingly heated. Ignorant prick. Read more Article Continued Below Video of woman telling group of men they're not Canadian' at an Alberta Denny's goes viral react-text 143 Screenshots taken from a video posted to Facebook late Tuesday that allegedly show a verbal confrontation between two groups of customers at a Lethbridge, Alta. restaurant by a user named Monir Omerzai. /react-text Facebook/Screenshot You're dealing with a Canadian woman right now and I will leap across this table and punch you in the f--ing mouth, she says. ( As reported in the news.