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Corruption Scandal: Address Thursday and Parliament Mahathir

corruption scandal: Official results show the opposition parties, which banded together as the Alliance of Hope, surpassed the 112 seats needed for a majority in parliament, according to Vancouver Courier. Mahathir in a televised address Thursday said a representative of Malaysia's constitutional monarchy had contacted the opposition to acknowledge its victory. The result is a political earthquake for Muslim-majority Malaysia, sweeping aside the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose reputation was tarnished by a monumental corruption scandal and the imposition of an unpopular sales tax that hurt many of his coalition's poor rural supporters.article continues below Trending Stories Burnaby MP Kennedy Stewart running for Vancouver mayor as independent Snoop Dogg's cannabis connections in Delta Blame Lower Mainland farms for stinky smell on Monday Adriane Carr awaits Vision Vancouver's nod to run for mayor It is also a surprising exception to backsliding on democratic values in Southeast Asia, a region of more than 600 million people where governments of countries including Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines have swung toward harsh authoritarian rule. A prime minister would be sworn in within a day, he said, which would make Mahathir the world's oldest elected leader. Mahathir was credited with modernizing Malaysia during his 22 year rule that ended in 2003 but was also known as a heavy-handed leader who imprisoned opponents and subjugated the courts. He said Thursday and Friday would be public holidays, another slap for Najib, who on election eve had promised public holidays if his coalition won. ( As reported in the news.