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Residence: Conference Centre and College

residence: We just can't afford to keep doing this alone, and we think the federal government, given that it is global circumstances that lead to this and given it's ultimately federal policy on admitting people to the country, that they should be helping -- and the province too, according to CTV. The additional beds were announced Wednesday, with 400 spaces immediately available at the Centennial College Residence and Conference Centre in Scarborough and 400 more opening up on June 1 at a Humber College residence in Etobicoke. We're delighted to have them arrive in our city and make a contribution as previous generations have, Toronto Mayor John Tory said in an interview with CTV News Thursday. Operating these two locations will cost approximately 6.3 million over the next 75 days, after which students will begin returning to the college residences for their fall semesters. That's just a start -- and it's not more than that, Tory said. Ontario so far has committed 3 million in Red Cross staffing costs to help operate the two facilities. ( As reported in the news.