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Raphael Levesque: Clown Noses and Gain Access

raphael levesque: Once inside members of the anti-immigrant group Atalante Quebec denounced an article written the previous week about anti-immigrant, far-right groups and how their attempts to establish support in Montreal were being thwarted by anti-fascist groups, according to CTV. Editor-in-Chief Philippe Goyer said they threw leaflets on the floor and tossed clown noses around the office, while the group's leader, Raphael Levesque, left a mocking trophy on one reporter's desk. Six men, most of them wearing masks, pretended to be delivering flowers in order to gain access to the office. The group left before police arrived and did not physically harm anyone. The whole thing lasted three or four minutes, said Goyer. When they realized where our journalist Simon Coutu, who had written the article that they were displeased about, was sitting in the back of our newsroom, they went straight to his desk and handed him a trophy for being a garbage journalist and then they sort of quickly left after that. ( As reported in the news.