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Immigration Officers: Visitor Visas and Border

immigration officers: Coming across the border in a way that tries to circumvent the law or defy proper procedure is no free ticket to Canada, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told reporters, according to The Chronicle Herald. After Haitians in 2017, it appears Nigerians armed with valid U.S. visitor visas are the latest group to come across at Roxham Road in Hemmingford, not far from the Lacolle border crossing at the Quebec-New York border. Three senior federal ministers delivered a blunt reminder to them Monday that entering Canada illegally is not a free pass into the country. Hussen said he plans to travel to Nigeria soon but noted the federal government has sent three immigration officers to Lagos. It's becoming apparent to us that they've obtained these visas to come to Canada to make asylum claims, Hussen said. Canada has been working closely with the United States over the abuse of U.S. visas by Nigerians whose ultimate goal is to get to Canada within weeks of arriving. ( As reported in the news.