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Giant Netflix: Sexual-Harassment Concerns and Selfie Ban

giant netflix: At issue is everything from ridiculous and grotesque selfies on the red carpet to mean tweets by movie critics to sexual-harassment concerns to the existential fear that online giant Netflix is working to make traditional moviegoing extinct, according to Toronto Star. The selfie ban is perhaps the most visible of several moves by Cannes officials to bring more dignity and order to an annual event that sincerely wants to celebrate film but in recent years has found itself grappling with outside concerns which this year also include the MeToo and Times Up female empowerment movements, as the first Cannes fest in the post-Weinstein era unfolds. This grand cinema event on the French Riviera, unveiling its 71st edition on Tuesday, is feeling besieged by the modern world and it's fighting back, resisting some changes while embracing others. As more than 4,000 journalists began pouring into Cannes Monday, festival artistic director Thierry Fr maux took the unusual step of having an impromptu news conference to explain multiple changes this year to festival protocol. You don't come to Cannes to see yourselves, you come to see films and in a selfie people always look really ugly, Fr maux said. Article Continued Below The selfie ban on the red carpet outside the Palais des Festivals is necessary, he said, because camera-mad people have been holding up the procession, sometimes by tripping and falling on the carpet as they take their photos. ( As reported in the news.