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Food Explorer: Death-Defying Adventure and Bountiful Crops

food explorer: It turns out some of America's first immigration battles were over plants, not people, according to The Chronicle Herald. In the late 1800s, quantity, not variety, was the issue at most American tables. Who knew avocados, citrus and cherry blossoms had a spellbinding past full of smuggling, spying, tycoons and death-defying adventure The Food Explorer by Daniel Stone brings a forgotten era of American food history back to the table, with a timely twist. Different regions had specialities, but many farmers struggled to produce bountiful crops of grains, fruits and vegetables, partly because of limited native varieties. Stone brings drama, humour and perspective to what began as a tentative U.S. Department of Agriculture program. A Midwest farm boy named David Fairchild dreamed of bountiful fields and tables, and he ultimately visited more than 50 countries to bring tens of thousands of new plant varieties to America. ( As reported in the news.