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Bone Marrow: Stem-Cell Transplant and Engineering Student

bone marrow: And that was the last day that I felt normal, according to Toronto Star. A month later, the engineering student's cold turned into lumps on his body and several trips to the hospital later his diagnosis came Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma, a rare slow-growing cancer. I remember I felt more tired than usual and it was the middle of the day and I turned everything off and I thought I'm going to have a nap, he said. Although chemotherapy is helpful, in Nguyen's case it failed. But finding a match is just as rare as the disease. Doctors informed his family that the only way the 25-year-old had any chance of survival was to do a stem-cell transplant, removing his entire bone marrow and replacing it with fresh stem cells from a donor. ( As reported in the news.