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Evidence Politics: Press Review and Life Sentence

evidence politics: That view has made the U.S. Senate's confirmation of federal judges fraught, with each party battling to block nominees they view as unsympathetic to their positions.article continues below Trending Stories Burnaby MP considers Vancouver mayoral run Update Police believe double homicide in Richmond may be targeted hit After guilty plea, man handed life sentence for gang killing of Jonathan Bacon Chemical spills wipe out fish in three North Shore streams But is there any evidence politics plays a role in judicial opinions An Associated Press review suggests it might, according to Vancouver Courier. The AP looked at opinions by nearly 40 federal district court and appellate judges about Trump's ban on travellers from mostly Muslim countries. Other observers describe America's judges as conservative or liberal, implying they bring an ideology to their decision-making that goes beyond a careful assessment of law and precedent. It found only one judge nominated by a Democratic president has supported Trump's authority to keep out all travellers or deport those who arrived just as the first ban took effect. The travel ban is now in its third iteration and under consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court.HOW HAS THIS SPLIT PLAYED OUT IN THE COURTS One of the first federal judges to consider the ban gave it the all-clear, saying Trump provided a legitimate reason for his January 2017 executive order and that a lawsuit challenging it was likely to fail. With some exceptions, Republican nominees have taken a broader view of presidential power and rejected limits on the executive orders. ( As reported in the news.