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Development: Press Secretary and Underbelly Ford

development: How else can a guy with the worst resum of the three main contenders be this close to the second-highest office in the land Going against him Soft underbelly, according to NOW Magazine. Ford's rep for saying some of the stupidest shit known to humankind is slowly catching up to him. Also, one of the best BSers in the business, not to mention friends at Postmedia including Sun editor-in-chief Adrienne Batra, his brother's former press secretary orchestrating a campaign against Wynne on his behalf. There have already been a number of flip-flops, including this week on a secret pledge to developers to open up the Greenbelt to development. But for voters outside Toronto who may not be acquainted with his views on race, for example, it amounts to a wake-up call. For his supporters, it may all amount to zeroes. ( As reported in the news.