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Air Canada: Andy Chou and Flight Airline

air canada: Andy Chou started the petition, which has already reached 5,000 names, according to Toronto Star. Air Canada will now be listing Taiwanese cities as part of China on its flights to the island-nation. The dissent comes in the form of a petition aiming to make Air Canada stop referencing Taiwan as belonging to China. DARRYL DYCK / The Canadian Press The thing that upsets me the most is how a country can use their power and influence to get another country's flight airline, or any company to change their position on things just because they're more powerful, Chou said. The company added that it is not expressing a political point of view, but meeting the requirements of various governments and stakeholders to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. An Air Canada spokesperson issued a statement saying that it is according to company policy, to comply with all legal requirements in all jurisdictions to which we fly. ( As reported in the news.