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Westmount Resident: Westmount and Marginalized Communities

westmount resident: It was my first time writing about racial profiling, but it certainly wouldn't be my last, according to National Observer. It was about a Westmount resident, a local school teacher, out taking a leisurely summer walk on Forden Crescent; a part of town that's dotted with swanky multi-million-dollar mansions. The headline Racial profiling is alive and well in Montreal and that includes Westmount. Not only is racial profiling ultimately ineffective and dehumanizing, it also makes marginalized communities, who are often targeted the most by bias, feel less safe. cdnpoli racialprofiling police Montreal Suddenly the female resident, who, yes... happened to be black, was stopped by Westmount's Public Security Unit. The implication was that she didn't belong there. A female officer asked her if they could help her. ( As reported in the news.