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Stories Vancouver: Cent Increase and Rattiest City

stories vancouver: As of January, police were investigating 70 files and say they could see more than 800 cases generated by the end of year, resulting in a 300 per cent increase over last year.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver is officially the rattiest city in B.C.'Vancouver police officers tackle issue of women and gangs Cost of living stats indicate tough road ahead for Vancouver familiesUBC and dead woman's former gardener battle over her Burnaby home and cashrelated Anti-scam expo aims to put the cuffs on fraud North Vancouver woman loses 6K to bitcoin tax scam Police warn public about Bitcoin phone scam This alarming rise in cryptocurrency files is primarily due to the way Bitcoin has been adopted by fraudsters as the instrument of choice to transfer funds, said a Vancouver police report that goes before the Vancouver Police Board Thursday, according to Vancouver Courier. The report points out different scams associated to digital currency, including people posing as Canada Revenue Agency employees who target mainly new immigrants and seniors. Police in Metro Vancouver saw a 350 per cent increase from 2016 to 2017 in files related to digital currency. They tell them they owe money and request the money be deposited in a Bitcoin automated teller machine to a defined address. That type of crime has police worried that organized criminals will take advantage of the anonymity and non-regulated digital currency system to launder money. What is overlooked in these scams is that despite Bitcoin being an unknown concept to many victims, fraudsters easily walk them through the deposit and transfer of the money, said the report, noting the criminals are often based overseas. ( As reported in the news.