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Summit Friday: Mercedes Limousine and Bravado Kim

summit friday: And, judging from his summit Friday with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, it appears he wants to stay that way, according to The Chronicle Herald. In a deliberate show of confidence almost bravado Kim literally strolled across the military demarcation line that has divided the Koreas for three generations, sat as an equal at the negotiating table with Moon and then joined him at an intricately arranged banquet before riding his black Mercedes limousine back into the land he rules absolutely. He's meeting them as the proud leader of a nuclear power. The optics were largely the same as his first summit, when he ended six years of self-imposed isolation in the North and met Chinese President Xi Jinping last month in Beijing. But any real promise regarding the future of all those missiles and nuclear weapons was missing. There were lots of feel-good moments, enthusiastic smiles and big handshakes for carefully staged photo ops emotionally charged visuals that will play just as well abroad as they will strum the ethnic and national pride of his domestic audience. ( As reported in the news.