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Multicultural Nature: Toronto and Bristol Board

multicultural nature: Posters and sticky notes expressing love, anguish, resilience and then even more love covered the rest of the wall, according to Toronto Star. Most remarkably, or perhaps unremarkably for Toronto, the notes people left on communal sheets of Bristol board were written in more than a dozen languages. There, just south of the Yonge St. and Finch Ave. intersection where the deadly van rampage began the day before, a makeshift memorial had been created with bouquets of flowers laid a dozen deep and hundreds of candles that defiantly remained lit in the rain. Sometimes the multicultural nature of Toronto seems like a slogan or an ad campaign more than an everyday lived experience but here, in the rain and darkness, the Toronto of our hopes and aspirations was on full display. Incomplete sentence fix The flowers continued to arrive. The park was quiet but for the traffic which had returned to Yonge and four young men who stood off to the side singing the old gospel hymn, There's Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus, their a cappella voices carrying softly over the crowd of mourners and the bright television news tents set up along the sidewalk. ( As reported in the news.