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Soccer League: Rwandan Refugee and Hubert Akilimali

soccer league: Hubert Akilimali, 34, was born in Congo but was forced to flee due to conflict, according to CTV. He arrived in Canada nine years ago, and says the Wasps have become like a family. Members of the Wasps FC came from four different continents to seek a better life in Canada, and they've found camaraderie in their new home though the universal language of sport. Akilimali says the team was put together last year in honour of his friend Jean-Baptiste J.B. Ajua, a Rwandan refugee who was trying to organize a team full of refugees to compete in the Manitoba Major Soccer League. The Wasps are hoping to make Ajua's dream a reality. Ajua, who was a rising star on the University of Manitoba track and field team, drowned in the summer of 2016 at Birds Hill Provincial Park at the age of 22. ( As reported in the news.