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Scotia: Nova Scotia

scotia: The college is there to talk about licensing and answer questions of can you work in Nova Scotia ' The Nova Scotia Health Authority will be there basically to talk to them about the jobs that they have available, and we are there as the Nova Scotia office of immigration to tell them how they can get here to Nova Scotia from the new stream we have devised that is a faster, more simple, process, Diab said, according to The Chronicle Herald. Events will be held in both cities with the aim of attracting more doctors as part of recruitment efforts targeting the U.K., Ireland, Australia and the United States, Diab said. Diab, as well as representatives from the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, will head to Dublin on Wednesday, followed by London, before heading back on Sunday. Physicians licensed to practise in those countries have credentials already recognized by Canada. The four doctors will work in Cape Breton, Antigonish and Halifax, and a fifth application is being processed and is expected to be finalized this month. The province launched a physician-specific immigration stream in February aimed at making the immigration process faster for physicians with Canadian-approved credentials, and has brought in three family doctors and one specialist who are on a path to permanent residency. ( As reported in the news.