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Roma Minority: Party and Terror Risk

roma minority: Now, at most, a few people a day reach the country's borders, according to The Chronicle Herald. Orban is seeking his third consecutive term and fourth overall since 1998. Since 400,000 people passed through Hungary in 2015 on their way to Western Europe, Orban has made migration the near-exclusive focus of his government. Most polls predict Orban's Fidesz party will get around 50 per cent of the votes, far ahead of Jobbik, a nationalist right-wing party, the Socialist Party or several smaller left-wing or green groups. He claims that domestic and European Union funds meant for Hungarian families or the country's 800,000-strong Roma minority will be diverted to migrants, whose presence will weaken Hungary's security and increase its terror risk. According to Orban and his ministers, Hungary will descend into chaos should it become an immigrant country like France or Belgium. ( As reported in the news.