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Return: None and Digression

return: None of the global powers showed the slightest interest in stepping in to prevent this, as required under the Responsibility to Protect UN-based international norm, which was developed to deal with crimes against humanity such as this, according to Toronto Star. So now what It seems clear that most of these refugees would like to safely return to their homeland. That may be an unnecessary digression from what we know for sure The state-sponsored ethnic cleansing of about 700,000 Rohingya has happened and, for all and intents and purposes, the international community stood idly by. So will the international community take up its responsibility and create and protect a safe haven inside Burma's borders for these people A rhetorical question it would seem because, sad to say, the international Responsibility to Protect doctrine has little traction in today's world. The international community is largely a failed community. These uncomfortable facts should not be ignored. ( As reported in the news.