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Refugees: African Destination and Asylum Seekers

refugees: Canada along with Italy and Germany had been one of the countries expected to resettle some of the asylum seekers, but it remained to be seen whether the Liberal government would increase the number of refugees from the area who were already destined to arrive here, according to Toronto Star. The agreement between Israel and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees would have removed the threat of forced expulsion of about 39,000 people to an unidentified African destination, widely believed to be Rwanda. Netanyahu revealed the sudden change in a Facebook post only hours after Israel announced it would scrap its plan to deport thousands of migrants and refugees mainly from Eritrea and Sudan following a deal with the United Nations to send more than 16,000 of them to other countries. Read more Article Continued Below Israeli PM backtracks on deal to resettle African migrants in western countries, including Canada Israel gives thousands of African migrants a choice go to jail, or be deported to a country you've never seen before The mass deportation was set to begin Sunday, but Netanyahu said Monday the plan was called off when it became clear the intended country would not be able to absorb the deported population. react-empty 144 Now, Netanyahu said he will consult further on the plan. That's our focus at the moment, Hursh Jaswal said Monday. Jean-Nicolas Beuze, the UN refugee agency's representative in Canada, said he had no comment on the news that Netanyahu had changed his mind.A spokesman for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Canada is currently focusing its efforts on clearing the backlog of Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Israel who are already expected to be resettled here through the private sponsorship program. ( As reported in the news.