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Refugee Crisis: Bloc Quebecois and Party

refugee crisis: Scheer sees an opening for the Tories now that the Bloc Quebecois appears to be tearing itself apart, according to National Observer. And the refugee crisis at the Quebec-New York state border is providing him with talking points in the province that positions his party in stark contrast with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals. Party leader Andrew Scheer like his predecessors says Conservative policies such as low taxes, strong borders and respect for provincial jurisdiction make his party the natural choice at the federal level for Quebecers. ; But while the message might be similar to the one trotted out by the Tories before the 2015 election, the context is not. On Friday, the second day of the Conservatives' cross-Quebec tour, Scheer sat down with Cogeco Nouvelles for a radio interview in Trois-Rivieres, about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City. It's been more than one year and the Trudeau government has done nothing, Scheer said in the French-language interview. The Conservative leader hammered home his message on what he called illegal immigrants. ( As reported in the news.