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Muslim Ban

ban: The justices' first deep dive into a Trump administration policy comes in a dispute over the third and latest version of the administration's ban on travel from some countries with majority Muslim populations, according to Vancouver Courier. Opponents of the policy and some lower courts have labeled it a Muslim ban, harking back to Trump's campaign call to keep Muslims from entering the country.article continues below Trending Stories Inside the dark 'incel' world of Toronto's murderous rampage Downtown playground had been problematic' prior to fire Police warn Bitcoin ATMs easier, more profitable' for laundering money than casinosDFO, NEB to inspect Trans Mountain Burnaby site this week after reported sediment spill The high-stakes arguments at the high court on Wednesday could offer some indication about how a court that runs on respect for traditions and precedent will deal with a president who regularly breaks with convention. That's about to change. Apart from the campaign statements, Trump's presidential tweets about the travel ban and last fall's retweets of inflammatory videos that stoked anti-Islam sentiment all could feature in the court's discussion of the travel ban's legality. But I think the president set it up so that it's virtually impossible to ignore him when he's shouting from the rooftops about what his purpose was in the three versions of the ban, said Cecillia Wang, the American Civil Liberties Union's deputy legal director. The court could get to the right outcome without getting into the question of his tweets. ( As reported in the news.