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Police Officers: Rohingya Villagers and Security Forces

police officers: The army in January made a rare admission that its soldiers had killed 10 Rohingya villagers who were captured and accused of being terrorists during insurgent attacks last year in Inn Din village in northern Rakhine, according to CTV. The military said its soldiers confessed to carrying out the slayings. The military personnel also were permanently expelled from the army, according to a statement released by the army chief on an official Facebook page. The army's statement Tuesday said an investigative group under the military had interrogated 21 military personnel, three police officers, 13 security forces, six civil servants and six Inn Din villagers. For the military personnel under the Military Act 71, four military personnel and three soldiers will be sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour and to be permanently expelled from the army, the statement said. It said the investigation proved that the soldiers violated the law by killing the villagers. ( As reported in the news.