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Muslim Communities: American Leaders and Asian Nation

muslim communities: It features a video shared by a nationalist monk on Facebook in January 2016 that provocatively reenacted a controversial rape and murder of a Burmese woman, according to Toronto Star. It took three days for the video to be removed, the organizations say, although it was clearly designed to ignite further tensions between Buddhists and Muslim communities. The presentation, sent to key American leaders who will be questioning Zuckerberg on Tuesday and Wednesday, highlights a number of examples of alleged negligence by Facebook that they say helped propel violence in the Southeast Asian nation. Read more Facebook's Zuckerberg to face public and possibly pivotal congressional hearing Article Continued Below Opinion A day of reckoning for social media Canadian company tied to Facebook data scandal got 100K from Ottawa in 2017Before being removed from Facebook, the video had been viewed more than 120,000 times, according to the presentation. The post was not found to violate the social network's community standards, but it was later removed when Facebook representatives were contacted directly, according to the presentation. Indeed, despite the removal of the original video, the groups found copies of it in at least eight places on Facebook. react-empty 142 In other examples, the groups pointed to a November 2016 post on Facebook that described a respected journalist working for international media as a terrorist and called for him to be killed. ( As reported in the news.