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Japanese Food: Cat Owner and Toronto Area

japanese food: Interested in mail-ordering pet treats to a 32-year-old cat owner in Madison, Wisconsin who enjoys Japanese food, doesn't like pizza and has an anniversary coming up in the next two months Not a problem, according to CTV. Targeting ads, it turns out, is almost infinitely customizable -- sometimes in surprising ways. Trying to pitch your boutique bed and breakfast to a 44-year-old trendy mom who lives in Seattle, leans conservative and is currently travelling in the Toronto area but hasn't booked a hotel for the night yet Go right ahead. The ads you might see can be tailored to you down to the most granular details -- not just where you live and what websites you visited recently, but whether you've gotten engaged in the past six months, are interested in organic food or share characteristics with people who have recently bought a BMW, even if you've never expressed interest in doing so yourself. Even with a recent decision to stop working with outside data brokers to help advertisers target ads based on things like offline purchases or credit history, this number is expected to grow sharply this year. Facebook made 40 billion in advertising revenue last year, second only to Google when it comes to its share of the global digital advertising market. ( As reported in the news.