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Immigrant Outcomes: Deputy Ministers and Canadian Press

immigrant outcomes: Public support often aided by a diversity of prominent stakeholders in indispensable, the department told the co-ordinating committee of deputy ministers during a meeting in April 2017 to discuss immigrant outcomes, according to CTV. But there could be a tipping point that, once reached, undermines the history of relative Canadian consensus. Internal data prepared by the Immigration Department for a committee of deputy ministers suggests a majority of Canadians supports current immigration levels, but this support drops when they are informed of how many immigrants actually arrive every year. The internal departmental data was obtained by The Canadian Press through access-to-information. But most of those respondents believed the number of immigrants arriving every year was under 150,000. It includes polling data that suggests just over 50 per cent of Canadians believed the number of immigrants who come to Canada every year is about right and this number has remained steady since 2012. ( As reported in the news.