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Employment Standards: Resident Caretakers and Best-of-Five Rivalry

employment standards: This is excellent news, Mike Eso, Victoria Labour Council president, said Thursday, adding it's something that the organization has been advocating for, according to Vancouver Courier. Minimum employment standards should apply to everyone. Reaction is mixed as some complain it doesn't go far enough and others argue it goes too far.article continues below Trending Stories Top 10 Star Wars accessories to awaken your vehicle Fan Expo Vancouver Wrap-up Robin Dunne Vancouver bike path critics ready to fight Cross-country runners race in best-of-five rivalry New higher wage levels some to be phased in apply to liquor servers, piece-rate farm workers, resident caretakers in apartments, live-in camp leaders and live-in home-support workers. The wage hikes come after a report from B.C.'s Fair Wages Commission, which recommended increasing the minimum wage to 15 per hour over time. No one working for minimum wage, full-time, year-round should be living in poverty Minister of Labour Harry Bains said in a statement. The province accepted its recommendations. ( As reported in the news.