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Centennial Greene: Copper Mine and History Books

centennial greene: His previous documentaries emphasize actors performing in staged scenarios to draw out emotional truths, and his latest is even more ambitious an absorbing meta-doc with the sweep of a classic American western, according to NOW Magazine. In 1917, a copper mine in the Arizona-Mexico border town Bisbee conspired with deputized citizens to illegally round up roughly 1,300 striking workers mostly immigrants and deport them 1,600 miles away. Rating NNNNNRobert Greene's films linger in the cracks between fiction and non-fiction. The social cleanse has been erased from history books, so on its centennial Greene and local residents decide to reenact it. Working with painterly DP Jarred Alterman, the director makes the most of Bisbee's beautiful terrain, using striking framing and slow pans to suggest a haunting sense of emptiness. The collaboration brings together an eclectic cast of citizens, each distinct and with strong senses of their identities who come to see echoes of their own lives in the story they are to inhabit. ( As reported in the news.