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Canadian Citizenship: Stephen Harper and Ted Morton

canadian citizenship: It's given birth to the political careers of Stephen Harper, Preston Manning, Jason Kenney, Ted Morton, and, good God, Rob Anders the only parliamentarian to vote against awarding honorary Canadian citizenship to Nelson Mandela, according to Rabble. Lawyer and polemicist Ezra Levant first became famous in Alberta. It's no surprise that the University of Alberta has come under fire for planning to award an honorary degree to famed environmentalist David Suzuki.RELATED STORIESMartyn Brown There's dumb, and there's Alberta dumb and Rachel Notley's Bill 12 is both Alberta premier Rachel Notley calls Kinder Morgan pipeline the poster child for cooperative federalism Grand Chief Stewart Phillip accuses Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley of brazenly ignoring First Nations rights Martyn Brown Rachel Notley's days of whine and poses University of Alberta honorary degree for David Suzuki ruffles feathers across campus After all, its campuses are in what is still the most right-wing province in Canada. The Byfields ran their publishing operation from Alberta, giving a platform to Ken Whyte, the first but not the last right-wing editor of the National Post. Alberta-based writers such as Kevin Taft and Andrew Nikiforuk have chronicled the grip that the Alberta oil industry has had on that province's political culture. And the University of Calgary has been home to several of Canada's most conservative academics, including Barry Cooper, who's been linked to the climate-change-denial movement, and Rainer Knopff, whose been slamming the Supreme Court of Canada for years. ( As reported in the news.