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Cabinet Minister: University and Health Care

cabinet minister: Before the University of Haifa knew it, the place was roiled by controversy, according to Rabble. Twenty-three members of the university's faculty had signed a letter of protest. Consider the embarrassing 2012 case of the Israeli university that came up with a scheme to give an honorary degree to an unsavoury right-wing foreign politician in appreciation of his revered leadership. Media half a world away in North America wrote uncomfortable stories about how the university planned to honour a senior cabinet minister in a right-wing government whose immigration policies were denying basic health care to refugees from persecution in their home country. The offensive politician, of course, was a guy from Canada named Jason Kenney. The protesters didn't manage to keep the right-wing foreign politician from getting the honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, but I'm sure it made the University of Haifa think twice about giving meaningless sheepskins to his ilk ever again. ( As reported in the news.