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Campaign Trail: Non-Leadership Conventions

campaign trail: And it says more than half of them have never attended a convention before a testament to the party's decision to throw open its doors to all comers but also a crucial ingredient for success in the 2019 election, according to The Chronicle Herald. This I see as the kick-off on an organizational front to getting organized and getting ready for 2019, says Suzanne Cowan, a lifelong Liberal who has been acclaimed as the party's new president. The party expects about 3,000 supporters will have registered by the time its national convention kicks off tonight, making it one of the largest, non-leadership conventions in its history. She sees the convention as a chance to get all those newcomers further energized and engaged and raring to hit the campaign trail. This is the first gathering since the Liberals did away with paid party memberships two years ago. Unless we have a strong volunteer base and are growing that year over year between the last election and the next election, then we're going to have a really hard time. ( As reported in the news.