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Border Crossings: Asylum Seekers and Border

border crossings: I just really feel that unless we address this issue this is going to be unending and it's unsustainable, she said, according to The Chronicle Herald. Immigration advocates have been calling on the government to suspend the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, which has been cited as a major factor in the spike of irregular border crossings. Making such a change would give the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency more tools to deal with an ongoing influx of asylum seekers crossing the border at unofficial entry points in Quebec and Ontario, Rempel said in an interview Thursday. The agreement prevents asylum seekers from asking for refugee protection when they present themselves at an official port of entry. If Ottawa doesn't close that loophole, turning the entire border an official port of entry could offer an alternative solution, Rempel said. They can only claim refugee status from inside Canada, which is why thousands have been crossing through unofficial entry points on foot. ( As reported in the news.