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Text Messages: Deciphering Data and Fields Questions

text messages: The text messages are from 6,000 miles away in Santiago, Chile, where he's helping resettle a group of young Venezuelans trying to retrace his own immigrant's journey to a better future, according to The Chronicle Herald. Between deciphering data and writing code, he fields questions that come flying fast What's the fastest bus line downtown How do you apply for an immigrant ID card Any leads on a job Sometimes I'm rude and tell them to look on Google, or I have to just turn off my phone because I get five messages all at once, says the 34-year-old. At his stand-up desk in a Silicon Valley office complex, Guido Nunez-Mujica's phone buzzes nonstop as he tries in vain to concentrate on his work. The demands on Nunez-Mujica's time and energy are part of his solitary battle to give those trapped by his homeland's economic crisis a fresh start abroad. The acts of generosity range from a few months of free rent at an apartment he manages in Santiago to bus fare for a surgeon so he could move to Peru with his wife and daughter. Since the end of last year, he has shelled out around 40,000 of his own money helping some 40 Venezuelans most of them complete strangers migrate to other South America nations. ( As reported in the news.