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Jagmeet Singh: Singh and Rights Issues

jagmeet singh: Last week, we saw Canadian news media's inability to engage with Singh on complex political and human rights issues, go from bad to worse, according to NOW Magazine. In case you missed it, Singh has been pressured to justify his attendance at memorial events for the victims of the Indian government's attack on the holiest Sikh temple and the genocide that followed in the 1980s. It's been five short months since Jagmeet Singh was elected the first person of colour and visibly religious leader of a federal Canadian political party. He is not being asked about anything he said at these events, or even about the pain of the Sikh community with respect to this issue. This is a tricky issue, and members of the media who operate in a country founded on a history that includes genocide against Indigenous peoples and armed conflict against Mohawk resistance during the Oka crisis, should know that. Instead, what's being reported on is that Singh appeared at these events at the same time as extremists who have expressed support for armed struggle as a form of resistance. ( As reported in the news.