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Supreme Court: Canada and Zundel

supreme court: Sabina Citron, president of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, was forced to make a private complaint under the Criminal Code to compel the government to act, according to NOW Magazine. Zundel was convicted but in the end the Supreme Court of Canada nullified the conviction when it found the law to be unconstitutional. In 1984, Ernst Zundel, a German national who had been living in Canada for decades, became the first person in Canada to be charged under the archaic false news law for anti-Semitic hatred. After many more years of legal and human rights actions, Zundel was finally deported to Germany where he was jailed for five years. Today, Canada has an anti-Muslim movement with many propagandists like Zundel who often escape responsibility for their actions and for the people they radicalize. He died last year. ( As reported in the news.